Staircase in a cool look: wallpapering the stairs

A staircase can also be embellished relatively easily with a wallpaper, especially the generous patterns of the 60s and 70s lend themselves to this. Of course you do not stick the wallpaper on the performances, but on the vertical risers. There, the new deco immediately catches the eye - and will not wear out so fast. How does the wallpapering of the stairs work? Vorbereit Preparing the substrate for wallpapering

As this wallpapering is certainly more likely to come into contact with dirty and hard shoe tips, a surface sealant is recommended. This is a product that I call "wallpaper skin" or "elephant skin".

The paint forms a transparent protective layer on the wallpaper surface and can be rolled, painted or sprayed on. This surface treatment makes the wallpaper more durable and dirt-repellent.

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